Along the globalization of business and education as well as the development of technology, the demand of learning a new language online has surged during the past decade. In addition to extra time, more people are willing to invest money in learning in pursuit of a better experience and a more convenient learning environment. The aim of this study is to analyze the personas of the users who are more willing to subscribe pay-for-use plans on a language-learning platform, Duolingo. Taking usage data and user demographic as known information, we are able to investigate the users characteristics who are willing to subscribe for pay-for-use plans. Two data science pipelines are developed to predict the subscription intention of the users. One of them focused on predicting whether an existing user have the intention of subscribing by taking both demographics and platform usage data. The second pipeline focuses on unregistered individuals that are likely to subscribe pay-for-use plans for better service on the language-learning platform. Since it is impossible to have the usage data for potential customers, we only take the accessible demographic data only for the second subscription investigation section.

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